Praise for Reaching the Unreached

In Reaching the Unreached, Peyton makes a compelling case to not settle for the status quo, but to recover the lost art of reaching the lost as the first-century church did. If you have a passion for the lost to be found, you’ll want to read this book!
— DAVE FERGUSON, lead pastor, Community Christian; lead visionary, NewThing
Peyton Jones knows how to reach people in the everyday stuff of life. He is not only a great example to follow, but is also very skilled at training and mobilizing others to do the same. He truly is a gift to the body of Christ!
— JEFF VANDERSTELT, author of Saturate and Gospel Fluency
Jones roots a practical, workable plan for reaching lost people deeply in the soil of a solid biblical theology. Every believer needs to read this and go do what it says!
— BRANDON COX, pastor, church planter, editor of
I’m not sure how Peyton Jones feels about snakes and Nazis, but, like his namesake Indiana, he can definitely say, ‘I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.’ He turns up wherever there’s an opportunity to share Christ, or plant a church, or launch a new initiative that honors God. Learn from him.
— MICHAEL FROST, author of Surprise the World
Let Peyton guide you back to Jesus’ original adventure of mission on a path that is creative and biblical, provocative and practical.
Peyton turns Acts 1:8 into Axe 1:8, cutting to truth, chopping dead branches and clearing the way to Jesus original adventure that we often call the church’s mission.
— Will Mancini, founder and team leader, Auxano
Biblical, honest, transparent, provocative, and challenging! These are the words I use to describe Reaching the Unreached. Filled with numerous stories, humor, and wisdom, Jones’ book is a raw look at what we are all called to do, but few do: make disciples. Read and heed!
— J. D. Payne, pastor, missiologist, author of Evangelism and Apostolic Church Planting
Time to transform church from weekly performance to daily mission. No more spectators! Reaching the Unreached is thoroughly Biblical and intensely practical. Jones’ stories are real, hopeful, and as gutsy and dangerous as the great commission he calls us back to.
— Kris Langham, Pastor at Refuge Long Beach; Founder of Through the Word app
In Reaching the Unreached, Peyton Jones combines his knowledge of scripture with his passion for today’s church. The result is a practical, biblical and missional approach that any church of any size will be able to use.
— Karl Vaters, author of The Grasshopper Myth; Director of
Peyton Jones is a hard-hitting evangelist with a heart to see people saved. His heart for infiltration is a shared passion, and I am excited to see how this book mobilizes the masses.
— Dhati Lewis, Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta; Director of BLVD at NAMB
Read this book, if you dare. Peyton Jones delivers a passionate call to action for the local church. This book will inspire you to change your strategy and reframe your ideas about reaching people far from God.
— Brian Bloye, Senior Pastor, West Ridge Church; Co-author It’s Personal
Wow! This book could not have come at a better time for our team as we are evaluating all we are doing in trying to reach the unreached. Great writing and power-packed with illustrations and applications. This is going to help our church!
— Ron Edmondson, Pastor, Author, Blogger
Reaching the Unreached paints a picture of what it looks like to be a 21st Century Missionary and how to mobilize followers of Christ into mission and relationship into the communities God has placed us.
— Chris Lagerlof, executive catalyst - Mission OC
There is a desperate need for ordinary, down to earth evangelism to be rediscovered by the American church. Peyton’s book is the best apologetic for that rediscovery that I have read in’s a very long time. This book will winsomely convince you that it’s time to get back into the game – back to doing the work of evangelism.
— Mike Breen, Founder of 3DM
If you care about the future of the church, then you should read this book. Reaching The Unreached, articulates principles that will empower and unleash Jesus Followers in the places that they live, work, and play.
— Dave Runyon, co-author of The Art of Neighboring
Peyton and I have the same hunger to witness the undeniable, unexplainable and uncontrollable work of the Spirit wreak our church planting enterprises. He might just be the most qualified guy I’ve ever met to write a book about this subject.
— Clint Clifton, Author of Church Planting Thresholds
Don’t be fooled by Peyton’s playful style and pop culture references. There are deep, timeless themes coursing through this compelling book. Winsome and wise, this book calls the church to come out, into the life of mission, to receive our inheritance of adventure and joy.
— Brian Sanders, Executive Director of the Underground Network
Reaching the Unreached is a much-needed gut punch and a call to return to the first love, and first works of the Church: actually reaching lost people with the good news of the gospel. Peyton Jones makes our heritage as Christians come alive as the true adventure it was meant to be.
— Caesar Kalinowski, author of the Gospel Primer and Bigger Gospel
Peyton’s direct, no-nonsense message of our need to embed Biblical evangelism into the DNA of our churches is spot on. His stories and insights challenge me on nearly every page. I highly recommend Reaching the Unreached to anyone involved in church planting and multiplication.
— Todd Wilson, Exponential
Readable and engaging, Peyton Jones’ “Reaching the Unreached” puts its finger on precisely where it hurts... and where it needs healing. An insightful and challenging meditation on the Great Commission and what it means today.
— Dr. Robert E. Logan - Author The Church Planting Toolkit
Peyton and I have the same hunger to witness the undeniable, unexplainable and uncontrollable work of the Spirit wreak our church planting enterprises. He might just be the most qualified guy I’ve ever met to write a book about this subject.
— Clint Clifton, Author of Church Planting Thresholds
Jones combines the great commission with acts 1:8 to form a powerful message about reaching the unreached. Put his thoughts into action and reaching the unreached will no longer be a lost art.
— Bill Easum, President The Effective Church Group
I love Peyton Jones’ heart for God, and for people who are far from Him. I love how he thinks about our mission of seeking and saving the lost, and how he does it in his life. You should read Reaching The Unreached, and everything else Peyton writes on this topic!
— Vince Antonucci, Pastor of Verve Church in Las Vegas; author of God for The Rest of Us
People are not merely projects to be fixed. They’re image bearers of God in need of the gospel. When it comes to mission and evangelism there’s no short cuts or gimmicks. It is a labor of love.  Peyton does a great job of communicating the heart of the Scriptures over and above what “sounds good.” Relevant, current, and convicting.
— Alex Early, Pastor of Preaching and Theology, Redemption Church
Peyton has many years of personal frontline ministry experience as well as training leaders to reach the unreached. Read this book and you’ll be sure to flee the office and hit the streets with the gospel.
— Alan Briggs, Multiplying Catalyst, Ministry Coach, Director of Frontline Church Planting and Author of Guardrails
Reaching the Unreached is Book of Acts is a biblical, transferrable approach creatively designed to motivate and mobilize the Church to the front lines of mission. Jones cleverly draws principles directly from the book of Acts, translating them into 21st century language and context.
— Linda Bergquist, church Planting Catalyst, North American Mission Board; co-author of Church Turned Inside Out
In Reaching the Unreached Peyton Jones blends a unique mix of solid Biblical foundations, real-life experience and a fast-paced writing style that packs a punch. You won’t be bored reading this book. You’ll learn and you’ll be inspired to reach the unreached.
— Steve Addison, author of Pioneering Movements: Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches.
To reach the unreached, we need to get back to basic Book of Acts principles! Peyton Jones has written a book that will lead the everyday Christian to those basics and if followed to reach the unreached for Christ!
— Don Overstreet, President/ Lead Strategist, LA Reaching LA Foundation
If you’re dispirited with a toothless 21st century version of the New Testament church and are ready to personally engage the intoxicating mission of God – then learn from Peyton’s own story. The life-giving journey from sacred consumer to spiritual commando is the path where we connect with the person, presence, and power of God. Highly recommend.
— Jeff Christopherson, VP Send Network (NAMB). Author, Kingdom Matrix
Provocative, contemplative, and encouraging. Reaching the Unreached enflames the reader’s heart, ruminating a quest for driven engagement to reach the lost. Ministry desk-jockeys be warned, this book may lead to radical change!
— Matt Fretwell, National Director of Operations, New Breed Church Planting Network
I am really excited about Peyton Jones’ new book. With his usual mix of personal confrontation, Biblical sophistication and pop cultural elucidation, Peyton sets our eyes on the beautiful adventure of re-engaging and reaching the lost. I really enjoyed this book and you will too.
— Daniel Fusco, Pastor, Crossroads Community Church (Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR); Author, Honestly